As a recruitment agency with a strong foothold in labour-hire, we see a high-percentage of construction roles filled by male candidates. But that doesn’t always have to be the case.

A recent survey carried out by employment website SEEK showed that in the Australian construction industry only 12 per cent of the workforce was made up by female employees, meaning a whopping 88 per cent of construction roles are filled by men.

We get that a career in construction isn’t for all women, but those who choose to pursue this line of work can find it extremely rewarding.

Asquith Workforce Managing Director Jillian Asquith said that throughout her 20+ years of experience in recruitment she has helped several women successfully build construction-based careers.

“I’ve been in recruitment for a long time and have had the opportunity to place several women in construction-based roles both around the Hunter and across wider NSW,” she said.

“While there are still some challenges that come with being a woman in a male-dominated workforce, for the right candidate there are also a lot of benefits.”

So, if you are a female jobseeker who may be considering this kind of career we’ve put together our top list of benefits that come with working in construction…


1.Leadership Opportunities

A shortage of female leaders in the construction industry means more opportunities for women to step up and take the lead.


  1. Higher Income Potential

On average, a career in construction can provide an earning potential up to 30 per cent higher than incomes generated by traditional female roles such as administration.


  1. Practical Skills

No longer will you need to ask for help to carry out basic repairs around the house. A career in construction provides women with a plethora of hands-on practical skills that office-based careers do not.


  1. Fitness

Sitting at a desk all day can be detrimental for your health – and waistline if you don’t spend time exercising outside of work. A career in construction combines the two and keeps you active a lot of the day.


  1. Sense of achievement

Yeah, the girls! Working in construction and holding your own can create a wonderful sense of personal empowerment and achievement.


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