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Snake Safety on Building Sites

Do’s and Don’t Around Snake Safety As the weather warms up, so do the snakes.  They will be seeking cool, dark and protected areas for shelter.  The abundance of rubble, building materials, pipes and metal sheeting on building sites make it an attractive resting place for snakes.  Especially if the site has been quite for […]

Don’t let me go!

Creating employee loyalty and longevity. Most employers recognise the bottom-line and workplace culture benefits of retaining top talent.  Pay is often thought to be the key driver to retention, however a more complex mix of of factors is what motivates employees to stay and perform at their peak. As expert recruiters, the Asquith team talks […]

Slip, Slop, Slap – Safely

Regardless if you work in an office or outside, as we move into warmer months we tend to spend more time outdoors.   Most of us are quite conscious of the importance of slip, slop, slap before we spend time in the sun. However, according to research conducted by the Cancer Council, nearly half of […]

Ace your video interview

Preparation is the key to putting nerves at bay and putting your best foot forward in an interview.  With most interviews now happening on video, there are a few additional elements to add to the list when preparing for an interview.   Here are a few tips from Danielle Muller, Asquith Workforce’s Recruitment Hub Manager, who […]

COVID-19 Information

As the threat of the Covid-19 virus increases and the cooler winter months approach, Asquith Workforce would like to remind everyone to be vigilant so as to reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases. The Australian Department of Health is the preeminent source of information about the virus and is regularly updated with health and […]

Asquith Workforce assist CPB Contractors with Aboriginal employment

Asquith Workforce was honoured to assist CPB Contractors by providing Aboriginal employment services for their RAAF Base Stage 2 project at Williamtown NSW.  We also thank CPB Contractors for acknowledging Asquith Workforce’s assistance in their CPB Contractors National (RAP) Reconciliation Action Plan. For some local Aboriginal people being employed on the RAAF Base Stage 2 […]

Recruit Now, Pay Later

Asquith Workforce has partnered with APositive – Workforce Finance to improve funding and accessibility of recruitment. APositive has created a ‘Recruit Now, Pay Later’ model called APay. APay is for any of our clients that would like to take advantage of spreading our recruitment fees over monthly instalments, rather than paying in one upfront payment. To celebrate […]

Tips for managing your team

Whether you’re the CEO, intern, or new manager, knowing how to work with others is a key part of being successful at every job. Knowing how to manage people and their quirks and ambitions is crucial to the success of both managers and the business. Here are a few tips for effective team management. Communication […]