There are now more available jobs advertised in Australia than we have seen since November 2008, but while opportunities for employment are on the rise, it’s also worth considering that employer needs have changed post-COVID.

“Traditional work skills will always be valued and in high demand, however, post-COVID employers are also looking for employees who can bring soft skills, meaning traits like resilience, agility, and emotional intelligence to the workplace,” Asquith Workforce managing director Jillian Asquith said.

With that in mind, here are the top-five in-demand skills recruiters are looking for right now and how to demonstrate your abilities.


  1. Resilience

If COVID demanded anything of us it was the ability to be resilient. So, what does it mean to be resilient in the workplace? Put simply, it means having the ability to embrace change without experiencing any detrimental impacts to your mental health and wellbeing.

You can showcase your resilience in an interview by discussing ways you have managed change in your life, either work-related, personal or whatever you are comfortable with sharing.


  1. Proactivity

COVID called for both innovative and proactive thinking from business owners and leaders. Post-COVID, companies are continuing to look for new ways to future-protect their businesses and ensure they can survive and even thrive through drastically changed circumstances. It makes sense they would value the same forward-thinking ability in their employees.

You can showcase your ability to be proactive by providing examples of any times you have gone above and beyond in your role, times you have thought outside the square to problem-solve or even mentioning any constructive activities you did throughout COVID if you were not able to attend or carry out your job.


  1. Emotional Intelligence

While your demonstrated resilience and proactive nature will rate high with potential employers, they also know that not all their staff can harness these traits. If you can also show your potential employer that emotional intelligence is something that you are equipped with, it will go a long way in demonstrating your ability to communicate and interact with other employees. In times of change or challenge your ability to step up and assist others with empathy, understanding and patience will be a well-value trait.

You can demonstrate your emotional intelligence throughout your interview by talking through ways you have overcome workplace challenges in the past, what skills you used to overcome them, and what you took away from the experience.


  1. Enthusiasm for upskilling

COVID also taught us, among other things, that change can come about in what feels like an instant. Having multiple skills under your belt is a valuable asset not just to a potential employer but also for yourself. Most people have a certain career skillset, but we learned during COVID that sometimes specific skills can be rendered unusable when circumstances change. By voluntarily learning new skills that either complement or may even be completely different from the role you do now, can show that you are a forward-thinking, enthusiastic to learn, and open to new things.

You can show your enthusiasm for personal and career growth to a potential employer by talking about any course or experience you have proactively sought to increase your skills and abilities.


  1. Embracing digital technology

Despite changes brought about by COVID which saw many workers carry out their duties from home, not all jobs can be done digitally. That said, the recruitment process has also changed with many interviews now being carried out online. So even if your work is carried out on a job site, outdoors, or on the road, showing you understand basic digital technology like Zoom, email, text, and other digital communication platforms will go a long way in helping you put your best foot forward.

You can showcase your digital skills by taking the time to embrace and understand basic digital communications so when your potential online interview is set up you can nail it like a pro.


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