Everyone who has ever taken a deep breath and sat down at a job interview has considered stretching the truth if it means potentially landing the job, but….

 We don’t want to hear things that make you ‘sound’ like the perfect candidate.

Inevitably, providing false or embellished experience doesn’t do you or the employer any good once you’re expected to carry out the role based on the information you provided during the interview.

But if you’re still thinking about talking it up just a smidge, here’s the Top 5 Lies we definitely don’t want to hear during your interview – and we’ll know because that’s just how we are…


#1. I have my own reliable transport

Please do not say this if the truth is that you really plan to rely on public transport, share the car with your partner, borrow your parent’s old Mazda that’s in need of a new clutch, brake, or spark plugs, use your housemate’s car on the day he or she isn’t working, or ANY of these types of scenarios. If having your own reliable transport is part of the deal, then it is for a reason and while employers understand that sometimes a car can break down, having no transport on a regular basis is not okay.


#2. I haven’t applied for any other roles at the moment

We get that you might not want to put all your eggs in one basket, but just be honest. As a recruitment agency, we put a lot of work into finding the right candidate and if that turns out to be you, it’s not cool if you then turn down the job. And agencies remember things like that, so long-term you’re really only hurting yourself and any future possibility of us finding you a role.


#3. I resigned or decided to leave my last role

If that decision was actually made for you, please don’t be creative with the reason you left. A recruitment agency or direct employer will check and then you’ll be found out. If there was a reason you lost your last role, just be upfront. We know that not all workplaces have great cultures and by being honest you’re showing that you are also trustworthy, and that’s a big thing.


#4. My last role was working alongside the Prime Minister.

If it was, kudos to you, but if what you really mean is that you were a civil labourer working on a construction site somewhere in the vicinity of Parliament House and once caught a glimpse of ScoMo cruising by, then just go with that. Employers want to know what your last role was so they can either help you back into that industry or work with you to find a new career path that will bring you more job satisfaction.


#5. I’m an experienced labourer, excavator, tree surgeon, acrobat, sharpshooter, and astronaut.

We don’t ever want to hear about experience, licenses, or tickets that you don’t really have. It’s a time-waster for the employer, and for yourself, and in worst-case scenarios it can be dangerous. If a role requires specific tickets, licenses, or accreditations we’ll need to see them, and ‘winging’ it in regard to experience on a worksite can be very dangerous for you and your colleagues. So please just be honest about your current capabilities, and about what we can help you gain experience in going forward.


As a recruitment agency experienced in placing candidates in various roles from labour-hire to executive positions, trust us when we say we’ve heard it all. In addition to your experience, a positive attitude and honesty are also highly regarded attributes that employers are looking for, so at your next interview by all means put your best foot forward but also be yourself. Why? Because that’s who we’re hiring.

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