Whether you’re the CEO, intern, or new manager, knowing how to work with others is a key part of being successful at every job. Knowing how to manage people and their quirks and ambitions is crucial to the success of both managers and the business. Here are a few tips for effective team management.

Communication is key

Communication between staff at all levels is important for the overall performance of your business.

Employees want to be kept in the loop and informed about ongoing projects, goals and deadlines. Open communication with your team allows for increased awareness and understanding of matters and performance of staff. Being in the know allows staff to be more proactive, taking initiative on tasks rather than waiting for instructions.

Positive environments form happy employees

A positive working environment is a key part of keeping employees happy and ensuring that they feel comfortable in their workplace.

It is important to get to know the members of your team, not only in a professional sense, but on a personal level. Making this effort and getting to know your employees forms a rapport. It is this rapport that not only builds a positive atmosphere but encourages employee loyalty.

Positive feedback is another way to create a positive atmosphere and acknowledge hard work. Don’t be the boss who only gives feedback when there is something to criticise. Providing staff with positive feedback builds confidence and encourages employees to thrive in their position.

Conflicts arise in the best of workplaces. When a conflict arises, it should never be ignored. Issues should be addressed immediately in an honest and open manner to prevent building tensions and keep working relationships positive.

Set a good example

Your staff look to you as a leader for direction and inspirations. If you expect your team to act professionally and commit to their work, you must lead by example. It’s important to remember to let your human side show in the process. If you’re feeling pressure, need help or make a mistake, speak up. This will allow your team to feel relaxed and more comfortable approaching you.

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